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Our bloom brush is designed for a precise powder blush and highlighting application. The tempered synthetic fibres help to ‘grab and blend’ providing an easy application and a professional result.


Crafted by leaders in the industry, our advanced synthetic fibres are performing and gentle. Specifically designed with sensitive skins in mind, our fibres are dermatologically tested and hypo-allergenic. 


Vegan and animal friendly, our brushes are a combination of superior quality, personality and sustainability, empowering your individual beauty.

Bloom Brush

  • CARE

    • Add a small amount of mild shampoo or liquid hand wash into the palm of your hand
    • Soak and gently swirl your brush, adding lukewarm water being careful not to wet the base of the brush
    • Continue swirling until water runs clear
    • Towel-dry your brush, gently reshaping the bristles
    • Stand the brush on the bristles, resting on a towel until completely dry
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