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Lock in your base with a touch of magic.


Ideal for sensitive skins, our Mineral Powder Fondetön will weather the day with one quick and easy application that won’t clump or cake. 


Apply a little or layer up using our exclusive Base Brush. You’ll fall in love with the silky and naturally dewy look.


Mineral makeup is made of materials extracted from our precious Earth, is hypoallergenic and adapts to your unique skin type whether your skin is dry, oily or combination.


The natural powder mixes evenly with the natural skin oils and provides an even coverage.

Mineral Powder Fondetön

  • After your brush is loaded with all that mineral goodness, gently tap the head of the brush on the side of the jar to dust off any excess. 

    Rather than using swiping or stippling motions, apply your powder foundation in a gentle circular motion so you get a flawless finish and even coverage.

  • ~ Natural look and feel

    ~ Ideal for sensitive skins

    ~ Mineral in its purest form

    ~ Stays on all day with one application

    ~ You control the coverage that suits you

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