Supernatural Skin

At Marquage we believe the concept of ‘less is more’ absolutely holds true for makeup. Aiming for a collection of less but better will force you to shift your focus and really think about what you’re buying but more importantly why.


Our collection of makeup essentials is truly a labour of love with ethically and cruelty free sourced ingredients blended and curated with anti ageing properties so you can face the world in absolute confidence. 

Whatever the season or your reason, beautiful makeup will boost your self-confidence which in turn will make you feel good about yourself and this will translate into true beauty.

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Marquage Mineral Powder Fondetön is made of materials extracted from our precious Earth. The main ingredients are minerals such as iron and zinc oxides, which are ground into tiny, shimmering particles for our skin’s use.

Our Mineral Powder Fondetön is triple milled and carefully designed to make skin look and feel healthy, containing no artificial fragrances, dyes, parabens or preservatives, therefore, the risk of an allergic reaction is reduced and better tolerated by the skin than conventional makeup. 

Mineral Powder Fondetön re-defines everything you thought you knew about mineral powder foundation. This delicate mineral powder transforms skin for an airbrushed finish. Its micro-fine particles feel light and smooth leaving an unbelievably silky touch to the skin.